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[GUIDE] WHMCS WhatsApp Notification Module

  • RahmatSN
  • 18 April 2021

WhatsApp Notification Module for WHMCS is a module that was created and developed to add functions in providing notifications in the form of information to whatsapp customers and administrators on the WHMCS system.

New Module Updates (09/09/2023) NEW :

  • WhatsApp Notification Module v1.3.5
  • [Updated] PHP 8.1 with IonCube Loader 12.x Compatibility
  • [Updated] PHP 7.4 with IonCube Loader 12.x Compatibility
  • [Updated] Simplified Debuggable
  • [Updated] Simplified Hooks Call
  • [Bugfix] Login Notification issues
  • [Bugfix] Ticket History issues
  • [Bugfix] Quote Reminder issues
  • [Bugfix] Forward Email issues
  • [Bugfix] Cronjob issues
  • [Bugfix] Remove unused variables and typos
  • [WhatsApp Gateway] Dashboard: 2.0.36 (18.06.23)
  • [WhatsApp Gateway] Engine: 2.3.21 (20321)

Click here to view the changelog

The following are some of the message features that are in this module, including the following :

  • Forward Custom Email to WhatsApp (Support for your custom emails like IPTV, Game Hosting, Radio Hosting, etc)
  • Bot Auto Responder
  • User Browser Detection
  • Hosting Account Information
  • Reseller Account Information
  • Dedicated/VPS Account Information
  • Upcoming Domain Renewal Notice
  • Domain Expired Notice
  • Domain Renewal Confirmation
  • Welcome Message
  • Alert Notification
  • Birthday Messages
  • Reset Password
  • Invoice Notification (with PDF file!)
  • Payment Reminder
  • Due Date Notifications
  • Payment Confirmation (with PDF file!)
  • Service Activation
  • Service Suspension
  • Service Reactivation
  • Service Termination
  • Quote Delivery
  • Quote Reminder
  • Quote Accepted
  • Ticket Opened by Admin
  • Tickets Opened
  • Ticket Answered
  • Closed Ticket

For those of you who have made a purchase for the notification module for whmcs, you will get the whatsapp gateway and the module for whmcs itself.

The following features on the whatsapp gateway used in this module:

  • Login, Restart, Logout System
  • History Message List
  • Send Direct Messages
  • Settings for user login and token api
  • API Available to integrate with IDEVWA - WHMCS Notification Module

How to setup WhatsApp Gateway (New Cloud Based):

  1. Login to your whatsapp gateway cloud-based
  2. Go to Setting page and Application tabs:
    1. Change timezone with your current timezone
    2. Enable webhook and change Webhook endpoint URL, Header key, and Header value
  3. Now, scan your WhatsApp number

How to install and setting the WHMCS WhatsApp Notification Module:

  1. Install and activate Imagick PHP Extension
  2. Extract into path_to_whmcs/modules/addons/
  3. Login to WHMCS Dashboard Admin
  4. Activate module on Addon Modules menu
  5. Configure user permission
  6. Go to System Settings menu and set the following settings.
    • Signature to be sent : Fill in with your business signature
    • Admin WA Number : Fill admin whatsapp number with country code (ex: 6285314446664)
    • Message Log Retention : Fill with 0
    • Source for Date of Birth : Ignore it
    • Sending Method : Select Standard WHMCS field [ Phone ]
    • Customize WA Origin Number : Ignore it
    • Delay for sending messages : Ignore it
    • Token Name : Fill according to the webhook token name
    • Token Value : Fill according to the webhook token value
    • WADB Server URL : your Rest Api URL with the port (for WhatsApp Gateway Legacy please see on the dashboard. For the WhatsApp Gateway Cloud-Based Multi Device please see on the dashboard and add v1/ )
      WhatsApp Gateway Legacy example:
      WhatsApp Gateway Cloud-Based Multi Device example:
    • WADB Token : Fill with Token (see on whatsapp gateway dashboard)
    • License Key : Fill with your license key (see on
    • Registered License Email : your email address
  7. Setting cronjob * * * * * php -q /home/username/public_html/your_whmcs/modules/addons/idevwa_whatsapp/idevwa_crons/cron.php >/dev/null 2>&1
  8. Done

WhatsApp Notification Module for WHMCS

* If you encounter any problems, don't hesitate to contact us :)


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